When God created us we were made in his image. When sin entered into humanity it wrecked us, it made us proud and trashed our identity. But God never made us to live that way. In fact he so desperately wanted to love us that he sent his son Jesus to save us. And Jesus loves us so much that he chose to come into the world he created. The Author of Life became one of his creations, he spent 3 years walking the earth revealing the heart of his Father in Heaven by healing the sick and forgiving sin. Jesus loved us so much that he chose to be crucified to pay the price for our sin. He chose to become marred, bruised and battered beyond description – more than any of the sons of man. He was so badly beaten that he became unrecognizable. But why? Why did he suffer all of that? He did it all because he loves you. He sacrificed his life so that you could have the opportunity to be in right standings with God.

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